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Join MYFITLYFE today to connect with the best fitness coaches in Nigeria (Africa) via LIVE STREAMING and ON-DEMAND classes at your convenience. The fitness group that pays members to Stay Fit.


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MYFITLYFE is the first of its kind; a virtual fitness hub in Nigeria. It has been created to bring the best fitness practitioners to you on one platform!

MYFITLYFE allows you to fit LIVE classes into your daily routine without the hassle of badging your way to the gym for the last slot.

What’s more? You can always catch up on recorded classes if you miss a live session or join another session from the array of classes to choose from!

MYFITLYFE is interactive and allows you connect with the best in the game no matter your age, gender, level, limitation or daily demands.

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The platform is secure and user information is confidential and protected. Please see our Privacy policy and Terms & Conditions for more on this.

Super Fast

Appropriately embrace viral architectures rather than distinctive imperatives.

Plan everything

With over 120,000 slots and 120+ classes per month we have options to fit your schedule.  There are simple ways to add (recommended) classes and workout to your schedule with notifications for class alerts.

All our classes have been designed with the five (5) components of Fitness in mind. From Flexibility (yoga), Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardio (Cardiovascular endurance) to Nutrition, you have a variety to choose from. Our seasoned coaches are set to turn your sessions into an experience. You can also join our internationally renowned sports physician live for corrective physical therapy to remedy those niggling injuries.


At MYFITLYFE, we have a dynamic group of coaches from ages 28 to 52 years old. We understand that there are key differences in our physiological make up and working with a coach similar to you will motivate you to attain your set goals.


Here we will discuss trending topics from fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.  We will provide you with factual and evidence-based articles from our experts to support your FITLYFE.

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